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Effects of a quality indica strain leaves you relaxed and social. The stronger varieties will numb your body and put you to sleep. Great for relaxation, stress relief, and couchlock.


Effects from sativa strains are often described as uplifting and energetic. These are great for daytime use and a favorite for medicinal users because of the pain relief properties.


Hybrid cannabis is a mix of top sativa and indica strains that are combined into super strain which has different dominance and effect depending on parent strain combination.

Cannabis Varities

We also have a wide variety of cannabis products such as edibles, waxes, prerolls, topicals, hashes and clones that provides various medicinal effect.


California has been a driving force behind marijuana reform in the United States; after all, 1996 brought the medical applications of marijuana into the national spotlight. Titled the "Compassionate Use Act of 1996" (CUA), California voters passed the first-ever legal structure for certifying the medical use of marijuana in the U.S.

November 2016 brought Proposition 64, which allows adults to possess, grow, and use cannabis under certain limitations, to the state with the Golden Gate.

Cannabis 101: Plant Anatomy - anatomy of a cannabis plant broken down into 6 simple parts to help you identify and understand your cannabis better.

When most people hear about marijuana, they think about the high caused by THC. But what if marijuana didn’t cause a high? Well it can happen, with a little cannabinoid called CBD. - SciShow

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