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With over 6 billion hours of watched every month, Youtube is the perfect place in getting your brand or products promoted through video. We will make sure your video is seen by your targeted viewers.

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We will put your business in front of not just local, but also nationwide customers. With 82% of Yelp user visits intending to buy a product, 89% of those who buy do so in a week - we will take advantage of that.


California has been a driving force behind marijuana reform in the United States; after all, 1996 brought the recreational applications of marijuana into the national spotlight. Titled the "Compassionate Use Act of 1996" (CUA), California voters passed the first-ever legal structure for certifying the recreational use of marijuana in the U.S.

November 2016 brought Proposition 64, which allows adults to possess, grow, and use cannabis under certain limitations, to the state with the Golden Gate.

Recreational sales of marijuana are now legal to anyone over the age of 21, and you can possess cannabis products without having to worry about potential incarceration. In this video, CBS SF discusses the Green Rush, as legal pot is here!

Brandon and Matt discuss a wide range of topics, including how packaging can tell a brand’s story, the rise of social media in cannabis, and his personal experience pitching his parents on the benefits of cannabis.

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